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We are two mom's with a shared mission

to promote health and wellness.

sara rossi prenatal yoga teacher trainin

Sara Rossi

When chronic stress became debilitating, filmmaker Sara Rossi knew that something had to change.  For 15 years she worked on locations around the world, and as a result of this demanding schedule, she began to struggle with anxiety, sleep and eating disorders, substance abuse, weight management and body image.

In 1997 Sara discovered yoga and began to heal from the inside out. She embarked on a life of mindful clean living, and developed her yoga practice. In time, she completed a 200-hour Hatha yoga certification.


Inspired by the significant changes in her life, in 2004, Sara traveled to Nasik, India to the Yoga Vidya Dham School and Ashram and became a certified Yoga Therapist. With each new certification, Sara committed to deepening her practice in order to share her knowledge with women in need of health coaching of all kinds. Her next step was to travel to Seattle, WA, where she studied with Colette Crawford at the Seattle Holistic Center, and earned her Pre-Post Natal Yoga certification.

In 2013 she graduated as a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York, this training became the cornerstone of Sara’s current, and proudest focus: helping women struggling with stress, weight management, lack of energy and expecting and new mothers commit to the evolution of their own health: for themselves, and for their children and families.

Sara has been an avid yoga teacher and practitioner for over 15 years and has received her 500-hour Therapeutic Yoga certification with Integrative Yoga Therapy.  In addition, she is an Infant Massage Teacher, a HypnoBirthing®,  HypnoMothering ™, HypnoFertility ™ practitioner, and she offers classes for expectant and new moms as a way to gently transition into motherhood.

During this journey that has enriched her life in so many ways, Sara has become a mother herself and now lives in the US with her husband, Jeff, and daughter, Emma. Born in Italy and raised in Costa Rica, Sara travels widely with her family and offers retreats, spa consultations and personalized online one on one and group programs. She is tri-lingual — English, Italian & Spanish — and uses all these languages on a daily basis for work, life, love and sharing. In addition to extensive travelling, she has lived in four different countries for an extended period of time and she operates from a multicultural & multilingual background and perspective. She is committed to supporting others to not only heal their body, mind, spirit and heart, but also is committed to supporting them in living the life they dream of living, and being the most powerful version of themselves, accessing optimal vitality to uncover their true healing intelligence.

"Your health is a sacred,  non-negotiable priority" 

-Sara Rossi

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Hali Love

Hali has been practicing yoga since she was 17 years old. Subsequent to completing her studies in Business Management, Canadian Law, Criminal Psychology and Private Investigation, and having worked very long hours; she was missing her yoga practice. 


In 2005, Hali took her first yoga Teacher Training  and by 2007 while working in the legal industry, she opened her first yoga studio.   A few years later, after completing her own personal prenatal yoga teacher training, she gave birth to a hefty over due beautiful baby girl.

Hali believes that we all get out of life what we put in to it; and she chooses to live authentically and abundantly in gratitude, compassion, adventure and full expression. She gives back through offering a full personal sponsorship of local Costa Rican's who attend her yoga teacher trainings and by sponsoring local Costa Rican's to attend her Yoga Teacher Training and yoga/barre/fitness classes in my community of Playa Negra Guanacaste Costa Rica. 


Hali believes whole-heartedly in alignment. She is committed to her team and believe that relationships are not always about creating happiness; but creating growth, strength and partner perseverance through the challenging times of life.

Hali become a Certified Counsellor, specializing in Subconscious Restructuring in 2011, and since she has a passion for personal development and repatterining.

Inspired by transformation, Hali blends her knowledge from Western and Eastern Psychology with her yoga trainings.

Hali is committed to continuously growing her practice, as she believes the best teachers are the best students.  She is currently continuing expanding her knowledge with the Centre of Strategic Intervention, The Subconscious Restructuring Institute, as well, she is apprenticing with Dr. Randi Raymond, in Traditional Chinese Medical Theory. Love shares her knowledge in this field with Dr. Raymond through their coaching program offered through The Integrative Health Coach Institute.


Hali has a positive outlook on life and is committed to supporting others to not only heal their body, mind, spirit and heart, but also is committed to supporting them in living the life they dream of, and being the most powerful version of themselves.


 "Even if we live to be 80 life is short…but more importantly, what if, in the end, we feel that life was too long? Let's make the best of time we have." ~ Hali Love

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