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Personal Development is a process that consists of the exploration of a plethora of tools that can help develop an individual’s awareness, capabilities, evoke healing, and can support the realization of one’s dreams and life goals.


During your work with Hali Love’s curated “Love Method”, you will be guided through a path of self discovery based on her 6 Bodies Method ™ that aims to bring awareness to, and shift limiting patterns that no longer serve you.  The purpose is to create an action plan that gets you using the development tools that work for you and your individual situation(s), to ensure you get the results you want to see in all areas of your life.


Love blends her trainings in Subconscious Restructuring, Breath Work, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Applications, Integrative Health Coaching and CHEK Lifestyle Coaching.

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Seeking physical, emotional and cognitive well-being, healing, balance, clarity and a heightened awareness; which will help manage (and in some cases, elevate depression and anxiety).

Seeking cognitive repatterining; those who want to re-shape limiting thoughts about themselves and others, and be offered a different perspective that help overcome fears.

Looking to create more balance within their lives.

Looking to enhance their self-image and confidence.

Looking to heal or let go of a specific situation.

Seeking an un-earthing of creativity for life and/or work.

Looking to foster healthier relationships, both with themselves and others.

Looking to achieve goals and create more happiness in their lives.

Looking to determine their weakness in order to build their strengths to achieve limitless potential.  



Looking to enhance the connection their relationship, including time management and increased communication skills.



Who are looking to incorporate wellness into their company. 

What is

A Personal Development 

Facilitator ?



A Personal Development Facilitator is a person who is passionate about supporting others to reach their limitless potential through personal discovery, healing, creating attainable action plans and sustainable change.

A Personal Development Facilitator is one who is well trained in holding space and presenting personal growth and inquiry tools to those seeking to develop their self knowledge, their patterns, their limiting beliefs, emotional healing, and for those who wish to create a more positive impact on themselves and within their relationships.


During this 6 Month Program you will dive deep into your own personal development practice and extensively explore each of the tools that you will subsequently learn how to guide your clients through.   


The intention for this program is for you to experience each of the tools, so you are well equipped to personally anchor down and practice each tool, as well as powerfully guide your clients in the right direction through their own powerful personal development journey.  


Hali has received feedback that the Personal Development Facilitators whom have graduated from her course, have a special grounded and safe energy, and a talent for guiding their clients effectively.  The tools presented in this program will not only get you there, but they will support your own personal development practice.  


It is important to note that a Personal Development Facilitator is not a "life coach, therapist, or counsellor". They do not give advise or therapy (unless you have other training(s) to do so).  It is also important to note that this training is not another 'new age' fast-track coaching system. Every tool presented is anchored to science and western psychology.


Answered by Hali Love

Q. How much does a Personal Development Facilitator make?

 I charge $75 USD per 30 minute session and $150 per hour.  Some facilitators begin charging $50 per hour, and others charge up to $250 per hour. 

Q. How else can a Personal Development Facilitator earn income?

 This is a great question - the sky is limit! You can write a book, create retreats, host workshops and your own summits! IF you host a 2-hour workshop and charge $50 per person, with just 15 people, you can make $750.00.

Q. Are Personal Development Facilitator Programs accredited?

There is no accreditation for Personal Development Facilitators, however if you are an International Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher, you can use your certificate to count toward your CEU's (Continuing Education Credits).

7 group PD Summits, as per the set our schedule below.

One Master Mind session with Hali Love, each month, for a total of 6, scheduled at your convenience.

Your lifetime program module access; which is combination of PDF's, presentations, podcasts, videos and meditations.

Administration and monitoring of your case studies.

Email support with any questions you have about your program material.

Your Personal Development Facilitator Certificate, registrable with the IYA for CEU's​

$2,940.00 USD

Financing is available for $525 per month


Times are CST - Local time in Costa Rica.

All Meet Ups take place on Saturdays at 8:00 am


Saturday January 8, 2021

Meet your group, get a support support partner, receive program access, review your program schedule, including your recommended self study guide.

Personal Development Summits

Saturdays February 12, March 12, May, April 16, May 21, June 11

We will meet as a group to discuss any personal development insights, or questions and also invite others to the meeting who would benefit from Personal Development.  This is where you get to practice your tools

Final Program Wrap Up: June 25

You can schedule your monthly Master Mind Meetings with Hali in accordance to your schedule.  Meetings are scheduled first come, first serve. 

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Private Session

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Costa Rica Retreat

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Online Program

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