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At Yoga Barre Studios, we are committed to offering high-quality, informative and life-enhancing programs; whether you are attending a drop in class or professional training programs.  We currently offer in-studio, virtual and in-Costa Rica retreats and workshops.  You can choose to join one of group offerings, or choose your own dates (for select programs).

Choose Your Own Dates In Costa Rica


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In-studio & Virtual Workshops


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"My experience with Hali was the most life changing experience I have ever gone through.  Not only did she give me the tools to recognize when I am living from my story but she taught me how to step out of that story and love myself free of judgment.  Hali coaches from a place of love, acceptance and inspiration and I must say I have truly been inspired"  Melissa Shelton​ 

“Hali has taught me that I am my greatest teacher. What I really appreciated about Hali's coaching is that she did not tell me what to do she presented the tools and then it was up to me.” Carmelina Baccari


“It was a fight at times and my ego certainly didn't want to let go, but with Hali's compassion, love and deep support for humanity, I was able to let go and truly trust in the flow of the process.”  Jennifer Colucci


"My retreat with Hali was life changing. My hope in going was to hit the "reset" button after a difficult marriage of 23 years and divorce which left me feeling like a hollow shell. Hali's coaching offered me a safe haven, and an opportunity to gain understanding and acceptance of the many events of my past that have molded my point of view of myself. I learned how my point of view and emotions can empower or limit me. How they also affect my interpretation of a situation, and my decision making abilities." Lori Banks

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