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Our studio was born out of much love, connection, community and a long time friendship of two Canadian yogini moms: Loretta O'Leary and Hali Love.  This dynamic duo met in Calgary, Alberta in 2007, upon the opening of Yogadown Studios - Founded by Hali Love, but greatly supported by Loretta.  While both pregnant the ladies managed to open 3 studio locations, which were sold and supported the Opening of Playa Negra Yoga Center in Costa Rica, where we host our Costa Rica Retreats and Trainings at.  which is the home of our second Yoga Barre Studio, and Loretta's space, currently this lovely studio - formerly Hot Yoga Bodies.

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Hatha Yoga

A class that will both strengthen and stretch your body. This class includes pranayama (breath-work), meditation and both strengthens postures and postures that will stretch your body.



An all levels, mind, body, breath connecting class.  During this class you will connect to your breath, an empowering intention and flow from posture to posture gaining both strength, endurance and flexibility.

Gentle Yoga

A slow moving class geared to stretch your body and soothe your mind.  During this class you will destress, connect to your breath and drop into mindfulness like never before.  You will leave this class feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.


A classical Yin Yoga class that follows the Four Tattvas of Yin Yoga: Stillness: Each posture is held in stillness. Time: Each posture is held for 2 minutes or longer; Edge: Each posture is held at your deepest stretch; Release: The release is done very very slow to avoid injury.  All Yin Classes implement knowledge from The Meridian System of Traditional Chinese Medicine.  All of our Yin Yoga Teachers hold a Yin Yoga Teacher Training Specialty Certificate.


Strengthen your body and mind with long held postures geared to fire up your determination, self discipline and tone your body and mind.

Multi Barre

A curated workout anchored in physiotherapy methodology, designed to achieve fast results, while maintaining and recorrecting safe, optimum postural alignment.


Yoga therapy is a process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well being through the application of the teachings and practices of yoga.  Our Yoga Therapy sessions are 60 minutes, where you will meet privately (wither in person or on zoom or face-time), to review your needs for health and well-being.  Programs are completely customizable.  Each session includes a free consultation to ensure Yoga Therapy is best suited for your needs. Our Yoga Therapy Sessions are offered by Certified Yoga Therapist, Loretta O'Leary.


Personal Development is a process that consists of the exploration of a plethora of tools that can help develop an individual’s awareness, capabilities, evoke healing, and can support the realization of one’s dreams and life goals.  Personal Development sessions and programs are designed and facilitated by Subconscious Restructuring Counsellor, Hali Love.


We offer the most comprehensive Yoga Teacher Trainings in the world!" Our  International Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Education Programs are all about transformation.  Each one will take you on a unique personal journey that will empower you, challenge you and inspire lasting change in all areas of your life. Our Yoga Programs are lead by ERYT500 + and Yoga Therapist, Hali Love, through her training platform Virtual Prana.  Trainings offered through our studio will have in-studio training, at home virtual participation, as well in Costa Rica options, where you can choose your own dates, should you wish to travel to Costa Rica. 


Our Multi Barre Method Instructor Certification Program is for all levels: certified instructors all the way to those who are embarking on the exciting journey of beginning their career in health and fitness to those wishing to learn a safe method of working out.  Our program can be used for Continuing Education Credits with The International Yoga Alliance. Our Multi Barre Training is a fully automated training offered at

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